At Pipl, we have a passion for connecting people to people in a way that is more meaningful.

A year ago, we decided to re-think the way public figures/influencers can connect better to their audience. With Pipl, politicians, musicians, actors, athletes, company CEO’s, scientist, bloggers and more can get closer to their followers more than ever before.

In a world where relationships became more virtual and with lots of noise (like fake news), we wanted to open a window to the reality. Conversations are reality. To ask questions and get answers are reality. Nowadays, social networks don’t allow an entire connection between public figures/influencers and people who love and respect them.

There are 4 main issues preventing strong and real relationship:

  • Followers don’t see every post in their feed. So they are not connected to them on a daily basis.
  • For a follower, it’s hard to give attention to each post published in his feed when they come from multiple sources.
  • To ask questions and especially to get answers from the public figures, are not a simple thing. Even through live streaming where the 1 to many model is not adapted.
  • In order to give to followers good content, public figures have to monetize their social activity. And because of the two first points, it still remains difficult.

We believe we can change the way public figures and their community of followers communicate together, by making relationship between them more true, intimate and honest.

Followers are not numbers, they are people.

Followers won't miss news about their favorite influencers anymore. They will be able to ask them questions, get real answers and engage by discussing with others inside the community on topics they will create.

Pipl makes sure ALL messages are delivered directly and empower public figures to connect directly with the people that love them in a new social conversation. This allows public figures to get back full management of their community and feel more connected with them.

We built a social conversation app to connect closer, followers/fans/people with people they love and esteem. The mission is difficult, but the vision is clear and laudable. Try out Pipl, support us and join us on this journey to really connecting with those that count most!

Thank you so much for being a part of it.

Team Pipl